Many thanks Richard Pearse, Waitohi, New Zealand, March 31, 1902

My Technic aeroplane is probably the one of best models I've ever built from scratch. It contained 1995 separate LEGO pieces, weighed approximately 4.5lb(2kg), had a wing span of 41.5in(104cm), a height at the tail of 7in(18cm) and at the canopy of 10in(25cm), and was 28.5in(71cm) in length. I don't know how many building hours it took to construct. I did a bit here and there for around 7 months.
It's not meant to be based on any real aircraft, but it is designed to have as many working features as possible, and I like to think of it as being a small single-seater aerobatic aircraft, or even a crop-sprayer. Two features that I am particularly pleased with are working flaps, and the working six cylinder rotary engine! Other devices such as rudder, ailerons, elevators, and joystick are all working too. I suspect that 'flex' system that came and went a few years back would have allowed me to simplify the operations of the control surfaces, but without it everything is controlled mechanically. Strangely, out of all the LEGO web pages I've searched through, there are plenty of Technic helicopters, but I've yet to find a Technic aeroplane!
Use the following links to view the details of particular parts of the aeroplane Some photos of the model: