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The day I lose my inner-child will be the day I die. Ok, I pull out my LEGO infrequently, and when I do it tends always to be my Technic collection. Yet, there is a reason LEGO was voted "Toy of the Century", and if you've surfed other LEGO web pages you'll know why. No other toy has ever matched the versatility of LEGO. Before I mention anything more, a disclaimer is required (see the Fair Play notice), I dare say it's not so much here to protect me from the LEGO Company, but to protect them from idiots who try and sue because what they've seen here isn't available in the shops or use the LEGO name for their own commercial ends.
Disclaimer: LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize, endorse, own or quite possibly even look at these web pages.
Right, that's the serious stuff out of the way! Here you'll find photos, instructions and details of a number of models that I've built over the past few years as well as on-going projects in various stages of completion.
All the model CADs were created using LDraw with the Bricksmith GUI interface. To view the *.ldr model CADs you will need to install LDraw and one of the many GUI viewers available. Instructions were created using the LPub software.
Some of the photos were originally taken with film and scanned in, but now the digital age has arrived. The photos are all processed using Gimp though.
Here are the links to what I've been building: