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One Million page loads

10-October 2015

Actually this happend a couple of years ago on 21 June 2013 at 20.56.47 GMT. The dubious honor goes to someone with the IP address in Orlando Florida USA, using Safari on MacOSX.

A New Sever

10-October 2015

The site has been moved to a new server. More power, more bandwidth more space, less $$$

ANZAC Day 2015


100 Years - lest we forget.

Happy Christmas and New Year


The Randomwraith wishes you a very Happy Christmas and a great 2015!

The Art of the Brick


The Randomwraith was lucky enough to visit the Art of the Brick exhibition by ex-lawyer now LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya. I'm glad I went to this after Brick 2014 as it reconfirmed my faith in LEGO as a medium for creativity! All I can say is that the show was wonderful and if you get the chance go and see it! I've put some photographs of the show up.

Brick 2014


The Randomwraith had a good look round the Brick 2014 exhibition at the Excel Centre here in London. Sadly the majority ode displays were simply big towns with railways, which gave it more of a feel of being a model railway exhibition than a LGEO exhibiton! Don't get me wrong some of these models were impressive in their scale, but they were neither imaginative or creative. That said there were some wonderful models, the Thunderbird and Star Wars replicas, the Great Marble Run and a Rubik's Cube Solver to name but a few. Check out my YouTube Channel for videos of the show.

Logic Gates Get Published!


The Randomwraith was recently contacted by the author Vikram Chandra and in his new book "Geek Sublime" he uses some of the push-pull LEGO logic gates to illustrate the basics of computing. It's a great read, you can browse a preview here.

Happy Christmas and New Year


The Randomwraith wishes you a very Happy Christmas and a great 2014! Wow! It looks like I've been doing nothing in the last 12 month too - completely untrue ... really it is!

Happy Christmas and New Year


The Randomwraith wishes you a very Happy Christmas and a great 2013!

New Host


We have a new host! After many years of good service from the people at ikaruga, it has come time to move on. We now have a fancy new vps - let's see how it works out managing it ourselves ...

RCX in action


Despite, many years ago, building an 'RCX' to control LEGO models via the parallel port, I've never actually used it beyond testing. So here is a simple demonstration of the device controlling a train, just to prove it does actualy work!

Rotational logic gates


I have finally gotton round to putting up the designs for several logic gates that use the rotation of an axle to represent a logical state. You can find out more here.

LEGOLAND Windsor Photos


I found my photographs from the LEGOLAND Windsor trip made a few years ago and uploaded them. It's well worth a visit if you ever get the chance.

A complete over haul


Well here it is! The all new that was once the home of the goldfish online. I hope you like the new design. Don't forget to check back regularly or keep tabs on the Twitter feed.

A complete over haul


As is often the way, there comes a point when you look at your web page and think, ahk! Them starts the long process of trying to find a new template and refreshing all those old stale pages.
Well here are the refreshed pages thanks to the "customary" template available from Free CSS Templates. I've also used some nifty javascript called "lightbox" for the photo galleries, which is available for free from
I hope you like the new look!

Randomwraith dot com


A new web page layout and name. That's right from now on the Goldfish Online will be randomwraith dot com. Why the change? Why not. The old design was getting pretty stale and the old name has been replaced, but not forgotten.

Technical Troubles


Apologies for any down time that you might have noticed, there have been a few technical difficulties ...

An update?


Wow an update! And there are more to come over the next few days so watch out! Oh yeah the reason the goldfish logo disappeared was due to the goldfish credit card company took exception to it and tried to claim that people might get confused. Hm, I'm sure their customers are intelligent enough to distinguish between Lego creations and credit cards. They also tried to force me to give them my domain name, not sell, but transfer for free. Nothing that some legal advice didn't solve ... very quickly ...