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Posts from the "news" & "home" pages between 2006 and 2010

Lot's of things happened in the past - stuff came and went ...

Twenty Ten


What happened in 2010? For The Goldfish Online is was the arrival of a baby goldfish. Perhaps that's why there have been no updates over the year!

Another No Logo


Notice anything different? Yep the Goldfish images have disappeared. I won't mention anything about this at the moment, but I'm sure you can figure out why they've gone, let's hope it isn't a portent of the enforced closure of The Goldfish Online.

More On the Active Matrix


Finally I've had some time to play again and have come up with a basic design for a mechanical active matrix screen - I've got the model of a 2x2 pixel device made in LEGO and just need to take some pictures of it for the web site.

Happy New Year


Happy New Year everyone!

No Logo


Not much has been going on in the world of The Goldfish. You'll see a minor change to the Blood Bowl Soccer logo. It had to be removed after a letter from Games Workshop suggest that I was in breech of copywrite. Fair enough, but at least it's been noticed by them :-)

Active Matrix Prototype


I've also developed an active matrix screen using mechanical principals - fuly compatible with my existing Lego logic gates. Watch this space as they say ...

The Great Monopoly Pub Crawl


Our spin on the The Monopoly Pub Crawl. The crawl is through London with a drink, we half-pints, at a pub on each street an station on the Monopoly board. We made it though all 26 pubs (ok except for one which didn't exist any more). There are some photos too, just in case you don't believe it's possible :-)

K'NEX Logic Gates


Have a look at this video on YouTube. It shows a half-adder made by a buy William Hilton using K'NEX. Like my LEGO logic gates and adder it's base on a push-pull system to represent the logic states.


Check out An educational online shop that sells a great selection of LEGO


I've added a link to a great new rubik's cube page run by a cube enthusiast Paolo. You can find it via the LEGO Rubik's cube page or directly at

CSS and Java


Oh dear, how slack I've been for not updating this page for over a year. To make amends I've redesigned the whole site, sort of, making use of groovy things like cascading style sheets and javascript menus. I've checked the pages using IE6.0 and Firefox 1.5. But please let me know if something doesn't work correctly. Especially if you use Firefox and the embedded videos don't work.

More Logical Logic


I've also reorganised my LEGO logic pages. There are now pages dedicated to different gates, rather than just one long, somewhat cluttered page. Gone is My Musings - a nice idea, but at the end of the day I'm not really into writing.



You will also notice I've put up my CV (or Resume for those of you across the ditch) just in case you want to offer me a suitably large paying, but low houred job ;-P (since removed)



In the past months, actually about January 05, I finally developed a LEGO XOR gate. And of course the next step was the half-adder. You can find these and new designs for AND, NOT, OR gates through the LEGO logic gate page.