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Lot's of things happened in the past - stuff came and went ...

Happy Slash-Dotted New Year!


Happy New Year! Since my last update I've had the dubious pleasure of being slash-dotted. Actually I was quite amazed how much interest there could be in mechanical logic gates made from LEGO. On December 15th I had a whopping 96,976 page loads (63,445 unique hits). How crazy is that, once again I must thank the people at for providing me with space on a server that could cope with the demand :-)
I've also added and "About me" page, just in case you are at all curious. Ok It might be a little light on all the personal details, but it should give you enough info for the time being.
Typos typos - Thanks to all those people who have contacted me with comments about my page and for pointing out any of those nasty typos that always seem to creep in - no promises that they're all cleaned out though.



I've had a number of emails asking for permission to use my LEGO logic gates as teaching aids. Of course the answer to this is yes, but please contact me so I can provide you with the correct referencing for my pages.

Missing Mail


It appears that some email sent from this site might not have been arriving in my inbox. I've changed all my contact details to my actual isp email address rather than a forwarding address. If you mailed and didn't get a reply then please try again! I've also removed the requirement for NOSPAM by using a groovy bit of javascript.
You might also notice that the form on the comments pages has gone. It never really lived up to expectation. Eventually I'll get rid of the comments page entirely since my contact is at the foot of each page anyway.

A New Server


A new sever! The biggest thank you possible must go to Jeff at who has very kindly provided this solution to my recent excessive bandwidth.

Bandwidth Overload


My apologies if you have found this site to be temporarily suspended due to excessive bandwidth. Unfortunately there's not much I can do about that in the short term. The reason? well I my page on LEGO logic gates was made site of the day at If their comment is no longer there is read:

And now it's time for full on geek mode. LEGO Logic Gates at The Goldfish Online 
seems to be one man's attempt to build a computer using the most painfully 
inappropriate methods possible. And don't you wish you had his bragging rights?
I'm pretty chuffed by this as I was, as a result, contacted by the news editor of SST Semiconductor Weekly! It also forced me into putting a counter on to my pages.



NO SPAM! Due to the amount of junk email I receive, I've decided to try and do something about it. If you look at the comments page or the email link at the bottom of each page, you will notice a NOSPAM has been added to my email address. To email me you will have to remove this NOSPAM part.

New Web Template


A new web page design. Why? Well for starters it will be easier to maintain without all the frames and nested tables. And those nasty frames were giving rise to search engine problems. There is a lot of new stuff and I think it's all organised a bit better too. Please contact me if anything isn't working!

New LEGO Models


A lot of new LEGO models have arrived at The Goldfish Online. I've put up photos of my piano mechanism prototype, and a significant section on mechanical logic gates using LEGO. At some stage in the future I'll post my initial prototype ideas for a working replica of Babbage's difference machine and ideas that will eventually become my DIY Mindstorms RCX.

Blood Bowl Soccer


Other new things are my Blood Bowl Soccer rules. These were first drawn up way back in 1995. The rules here are the last revision, which, after much play testing, were submitted to a Games Workshop magazine. My rules for a Diplomacy style game that I invented, called 1930!, are also available.

Essential Links


I've also put links to those essential pieces of software that I just can't do without! The different topic pages also have there own links in a more organised fashion.