Archive 2002-2003

Posts from the "news" & "home" pages between 2002 and 2003

Lot's of things happened in the past - stuff came and went ...

Rubik's Cube Instructions


Finally, the instructions for the LEGO Rubik's Cube have been finished and uploaded. You can find the instructions by following the LEGO link on the side menu, enjoy!

How things are spelt


Well I discovered that I had Rubic is actually spelt Rubik and so all my Rubik's Cube pages have been changed to reflect this.

Smaller Rubik's Cube Video


Thanks to a fellow LEGO enthusiast who put me onto the MS encoder software enabling me to reduce the original Rubik's Cube video from 10MB to 1MB! It can be found via the LEGO link on the side menu.

Rubik's Cube Video


A small mpeg movie of the LEGO Rubik's Cube is now available. Just follow the LEGO link on the side menu. The file is zipped to 1.27MB. Enjoy!

Rubik's Cube Photos


I've finally put up some photos of my LEGO Rubik's Cube. Yes it's fully working replica! You can find out more about the model by following the LEGO Technic link on the side menu.

Photo Album


The photo album is at last starting to take shape. So far some pictures of Malvern are available (since removed).



I've added a new section called "Animations". When my 50 Megs of web space finally arrives then I'll be able to expand that accordingly. There is one little animation to keep you happy though (since removed).

Spring Cleaning


There were several out-dated and unused pages lying around. So I over hauled the site and cut out the chaff! You won't notice much change other than the empty pages have now gone!

A Domain Name!


A domain name! Yes The Goldfish can now be found at!

Have a Beer!


Before going anywhere have yourself an Imperial Pint (568 sillylitres) of Emersons Bookbinder Bitter! It's a New Zealand beer, and you'll be hard pushed to find a beer as good - anywhere, although Shropshire Lad, Timothy Taylor's Landlord and Meantime IPA here in the UK come close.